X-Files Linkx

The X-Files
The Official Web Site. If you're a fan you must go there now. Skinner's orders.
X-Files Injokes
If you love nitpicking and such, you'll love this place!
Weasel's Mulderisms Page
Tons of great quotes so check it out! A goldmine!
The X-Files Episode Guide
Cliff's site was the inspiration for my website and will probably always be known as The Episode Guide.
Pete Nelson's TV Wavs
My friend, Pete. This links you to his FTP site for sounds from shows like Friends, Frasier, Star Trek: Voyager and Deep Space 9, BUT, the best news is that you can join his mailing list from here, have all the sounds sent straight to your email. Great quality sounds.
Songs In The Key Of X: Wiretaps
This links you directly to the sound bytes from the album, every song has a 30 second byte available in .wav and .aif format.
X-Files Fan Forum
Forget anything you may have heard about AOLers (no flame intended my friends) 'cause these folks know how to do this web stuff just fine. Holy Fandom Batman, what a site! Graphics heavy, though, so watch your step.
The X-Files Alphabet Book
Excellent and entertaining look at the show, includes some great interviews and reviews on XF merchandise
X Files Terminal Now Accessed
Way cool place this one. Absolutely packed with great stuff. Funny thing is, the guy's not even a fan, this was a test project that snowballed. You have to see it to believe it!
The X-Files Multimedia Archive
Very well-done tribute, includes lots of goodies, icons, links, sounds, scripts and even episode spotlights with clips
X-Files Fans - Home Page from The Mining Company
Excellent spot for online fans, includes many quality links and is updated frequently. This is the non-frame link, try HERE if you prefer frames.
The Ultimate X-Files Information Complex
And how! A very well done site, all kinds of info and links to more, a must see!
XES - The X-Files European Society
Nobody's checking passports here, so come on down! Some terrific links for everything out there, great DD and GA pics and a good way for Europeans to keep up-to-date on their local schedules.
The Complete X-Files Page!
Well from the looks of the counter, I'm a wee bit late in finding this place, but by golly, I'm glad I finally did! Every single thing you could ever hope to see or read about the best darn show on the tube. Fantabulous!!
The Well-Manicured Man
Another excellent resource for the fans, lots of quality links, great stuff Marcus!
Spoilers and Schedule
Spoil yourself silly here! Just one part of an extensive site, be sure to wander around awhile, you'll be glad you did.
Strongheart's Unofficial X-Files Archive
This is the new location for what used to be one of the best darn sound archives around. Alas, the Big Bad Lawyers have snuffed it out :-( Please visit for info about who to complain to and let's put a stop to this nonsense!
Serious Look At The X-Files
And how! Oodles of info, pictures, links, reviews, FAQs, just jammed with great stuff. Well done Daniel!
Mike Quigley's Home Page
Here you'll find the official FAQ for the show, some good transcripts of Gillian interviews, including Real Audio interviews and news reports, some pics and links, and even his award-winning Hawaii Five-O Home Page, a SCTV FAQ and personal interviews with Alice Cooper and Pink Floyd back in the old days...would I lie to you? Really!!
The X-Files Experience
Bit of everything here, including an "Irresistable" shrine and a great homage to the all too few times that Scully smiles, also links to Autumn's fine reviews, well done Roni!
Forensics, Police Procedures & The X-Files
Got a query about the technical police stuff you see on the show? Go to the source, a real live cop! She will guide you through a crime scene, give you her expert tips on the weapons used, even point out the errors we see every day on TV cop shows. Excellent read for any xphile, includes some top-notch fan fic and mucho links.
E's X Page
This site's author has made some incredible collaged X-Files pictures that you simply must see to believe! Some are funny and irreverant, while some will simply take your breath away.
The Pennsylvania X-Files Homepage
Excellent site for upcoming show spoilers, as well as some beautiful digital postcards to send to fellow fans, plus much more.
Sky Tv's X-Files Home Page
This site has been through some changes and now seems to be simply a mirror site of the official site, but it's helpful if you're in England and need Sky's schedule.
The X-Files Episode Poll
Can you narrow it down to one fave episode? Then go here to cast your vote and instantly find out what others think.
The X-Files Adventure Game
Fancy yourself a budding FBI agent do ya? Well then slap on your trenchcoat, charge up your cell phone and give it a shot here! Bit of fun, easy-loading pages, good for a giggle.
So you've heard about this CD-ROM parody of the show but you can't find it? Search no more, my friends, you can buy it here as well as check out their numerous goodies. If you already have the CD-ROM, register here for even more action. Have fun!
In Parodia, Veritas! (An X-Philes X-Phantasy)
Strictly personal opinion here folks, this guy cracks me up on the XF mailing list, and now you can have a peek at the fabulous Tom McCown in all his glory! No, not *that* kind of glory ;-) Words, baby, lots of 'em, savour this link, it's a keeper!
Erin Peterson's X-Files Page
Some links for now, but promises to grow to be at least as exciting as Erin herself :-) Have a visit.
Fox Interactive: X-Files
Sneak a peek at the upcoming CD-ROM game, I'm CD-ROMless myself, so you're darn lucky I'm showing you this!